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Deeply regretting new clubs!!! Options
#1 Posted : Thursday, October 27, 2016 7:31:31 PM
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i have recently purchased a new Nike vapour #3 hybrid and then someone sold me the 3 wood to match been out today for a quick 9 holes and they were both terrible now is it just me and I need to persevere down the range or do I just try and get rid sharpish?? Has anyone else had this with clubs they've paid good money for?? 
#2 Posted : Friday, October 28, 2016 11:16:21 AM
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Hi Stuart. This is a dificult one to answer and in my opinion before buying any club, you should get correctly fitted for it via a club pro or at least by someone at one of the large golfing stores. You may have easily bought the wrong shaft type, the wrong grip size or even the wrong length. Are the shafts the same on each club or is one regular and one stiff? Are they different makes? There are so many variables.
However, the other side to this coin is that I also know that a fitting is not always suitable for someone that is playing off 28 as their swing is not consistant enough to give a proper indication of what is needed. It is a catch 22 situation. At the very least one should hit the club at a range before purchasing it. This probably hasn't helped at all and in answer to your question, I would suggest having some lessons and go to the driving range with them before spending any more money on clubs. I can safely say that there is nothing wrong with the clubs themselves as Rory had the 3wood in his bag when he won 2 majors!!! 
#3 Posted : Friday, October 28, 2016 3:19:45 PM
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As Richard has said Stuart, buying clubs off the shelf can lead to many issues. Its taken me years to get properly fitted for a driver, you need the right fitter & coach. Something as simple as shaft length. thickness of grip can make all the difference. Both Ping & Callaway offer excellent fitting centres other manufacturers not so much. Go to a PGA affiliated fitter and ask them to fit you, don't even consider make of clubs. I've not been fitted for a putter but that's another consideration as well. Once fitted if it does not go straight then at least you know its not the clubs! Best of luck
#4 Posted : Friday, November 18, 2016 11:40:54 AM
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And if what Ivan says doesn't new clubs. :)
#5 Posted : Thursday, December 1, 2016 10:06:49 AM
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 I thought new clubs would reduce my hadicap so I went to American Golf. I tried everything they had and in the end went with their recommendadtion of Yonex (fitted). In stead of my handicap coming down it has gone up. I'm reluctant to try again as the clubs set me back the best part of a grand.
#6 Posted : Friday, December 2, 2016 4:31:43 PM
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I have noticed that when I change clubs (occasionally) it does take a while to get used to the new ones, even if the new clubs have been fitted and measured and supplied by 'experts' I still think that it is likely that old swing and habits are still in the mind.  I suspect it takes a little while to get used to nuances of new clubs.  So many variations and nothing every standard. 

If you believe that clubs are good, then it is logical to assume that it is the person using the clubs that is the weak link.  Personal experience shows me that new clubs are sublty different and I have had to adjust bits of swing (setup, grip, stance, swing speed) to get the best - and that can often be further complicated by the type of ball in use at the time.

Experiment at the range, hit lots of balls, - experiment with stance, grip, swing variables and see if there's a combination that works best. 

I had a good time at an American Golf outlet, was allowed to play on the swing bay, the pro suggesteed a selection of clubs I found one I quite liked and had him adjust that for loft and stuff... and then when it had been adjusted the guy was a bit reluctant to let me hit a few more balls in the bay (I suppose, just in case the adjustments weren't right).

Bottom line: if you have spent a fortune on clubs - there's no guarantee of reduced handicap - quickest way to reduce a handicap is to avoid 3 putting... and practice with purpose.
#7 Posted : Wednesday, December 7, 2016 10:02:22 AM
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I'm not a big fan of club fitting sessions in most cases because they generally only offer the stock ranges of shafts. I went to Veralum where the pro has a state of the art launch monitor, can fit for all the major brands, and knows his stuff. But he can only supply the standard options offered by the manufacturers and in the case of drivers all the shafts are too long for a high handicapper like me. This is marketing: long shafts sell because .... they're longer.

The best £20 I ever spent was getting my existing K15 driver shaft reduced in length by Lee Porter at Hylands golf centre. When I dented that driver (at a TSG match as it happens) I bought another one off ebay and sent it off to Lee to be shortened.

The only other place I would consider going for a fitting is Precision Golf. I've never been there but they can customise clubs as well as seling standard, and they guarantee 3 shots off your handicap. 

#8 Posted : Thursday, December 8, 2016 2:19:20 PM
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I can't speak more highly for Lee Porter, as a fitter he is superb. My driver was cut shorter like Steve's, he custom fitted a great grip which suits by hands perfectly. Fitting is an art that very few centres offer, American Golf and such like is playing at it in my opinion. Pings fitting centre in Gainsborough do custom shafts as do Callaway at Chessington.
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