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#1 Posted : Friday, May 19, 2017 6:37:00 AM
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 Hi Everyone

Just thought that I would post what I think are some interesting golf facts from around the world. I hope that some of you find might them interesting

The La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia, built by the British Engineers who at that time were building roads & bridges high up in the rugged Andes Mountains for the Bolivian Railroad Company

As the British engineers and their mechanic's and along with some of the local workers who also like to play golf, which they did when ever the time permitted and they could find the space to do so, however it was not until 1912 when they decided to build their own 9 holf golf course and named it Golf Club La Paz and in doing so brought golf to Bolivia

However it was not until 1948 that the current La Paz Golf Club was built at a place called Mallasill, the golf club clings precariously to a broad steep canyon on one side of the Bolivian Andes Mountains, and uniquely when you are in La Paz you are either walking uphill or downhill, the golf course is built on the about the only piece of level ground.

The golf course is 10,965 feet at it's highest and 10,750 at it's lowest.It is said that the golfers can hit a 600 drive into the thin Andes Mountain air of the highest golf course of the world. the La Paz Golf Club at a height of 10,800 feet,

This claim caused a lot of  controversey as the british engineers had been building roads & bridges all along the Andes Mountains and had built a few rudimentary golf courses, which included the Tactu Golf Course built in Peru and at a height of 14,033 feet above sea level making it at that time the highest golf course in the world.

However in 1990 the golf course was abandoned and today is no longer recognised as a golf course thus leaving the honour of the Highest Golf Course in the world to La Paz.G.C.
Scottish Bob
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