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Golf Forums - Glorious 3 days at GATTON MANOR & we made TSG history.....

Glorious 3 days at GATTON MANOR & we made TSG history..... Options
#1 Posted : Monday, August 28, 2017 10:15:04 PM
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Glorious three days of golf at Gatton Manor and we made TSG history....

For the very first time in the TSG history, we had more Ladies golfers than Men golfers..... have we reversed the trend? (that was on our 2nd day and thanks to Matilda for making this happen...ah.. ah.. ah.

Day 1 - we had 12 players and the honour to have Ian Mullins join us and meet new Members at the same time.
Some of us stayed the night at a Local Inn as the Gatton Manor Hotel was fully booked. We have a delicious meal "Al Fresco" with wine flowing till late at night.....One onf my friend who lives across the road came from the Inn joined us for a drink too, that ws a big surprise and a result of a "check in" posting on Facebook... Great company on the course and off the course.  Hot and sunny.  Course in very good condition despite its imminent closure at the end of October 2017 .

Day 2 - 16 players and a majority of Ladies players, this is a 1st for TSG record. Such  fun to sort the Teams out with about dozens different combinations.. A great number of us stayed at the Gatton Hotel, had our pre-booked meal there, lots of drinks, lots of fun and a great entertainment from the one and only one Roger I ..... yes we discovered he has a great talent at iimpersonating so many different characters,   We should have recorded the evening..

Day 3
- Another great turnout of 16 players, this time 8 Ladies and 8 Men, so we played in a 4BB mixed pairs format, and I am very happy to say the Tim J. and I beat the one and only one Roger I and Gill ......ah ah ah, it what on countback as well. Roger seemed surprised, he played extremely well on his 2nd day and did some personal coaching on the way.

To sum up it was a fantastic three days, everyone enjoyed their attendance even if the scores did not match their expectation. Thanks to all those who attend and made this long weekend so great.

The TSG family is really a great bunch, well this time, it was a "super bunch of people" and the weather was just perfect, providing you have plenty of water with you.

Now us girls, are off to Spain for some more golf, sometime in September.

"Vive Le TSG"

THE END.....


#2 Posted : Tuesday, August 29, 2017 9:55:06 AM
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Fantastic news Brigitte!

The TSG Ladies section is growing and we welcome many more ladies into the TSG family.

Happy Golfing!

Ian & The TSG Team
#3 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 7:46:13 AM
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Many thanks to Brigitte for making this event a success. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was amazed at how many people turned up and just wanted to have fun and play social golf. I am glad I was part of history in the making-more women than men on TSG. Ian thank you for making me feel welcome. The rest of the team were brilliant too. Glad I made it and met you all.

Ladies, happy golfing in Spain and drink some 'pina colada' for me. Hope next time I will be able to join the fun!

Bon voyage to the ladies!

Happy golfing everyone

Matilda xoxo

#4 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 9:00:04 PM
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Well done to Brigitte for all the organising. Also thank you to all who welcomed Debbie to the fold and also took the Mickey when she scored more then 20 points so I have to buy a pearl necklace. Looking forward to another great weekend with all again soon. Well done BRIGITTE.
#5 Posted : Thursday, August 31, 2017 8:08:33 PM
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 Thank you Brigitte for arranging the Gatton games,it was enjoyable,so much so that I drove back down from the Forest of Arden (without any regret) to play again on the Monday. Glad I done that now. Great company and lovely weather,that's what it's all about. 

Paul,I think you should choose your incentives a bit more carefully now as Debbie played a blinder on Monday. She was thrilled about getting her birdie on the 10th,as were we all. Now,get your wallet out sunshine. 
#6 Posted : Friday, September 1, 2017 10:40:58 PM
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It was fantastic weekend, great company and absolutely gorgeous weather...
If not that bl...y Harvey battering my daughter's home town, it would have been perfect....
Anyway thank you Brigitte.
It's always fun with you :)
Looking forward to our golfing in Spain
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