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#1 Posted : Saturday, September 2, 2017 4:47:30 AM
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 A friend of mine asked me the other day why do I collect scorecards from around the world and is it boring in doing so, I answered by telling him it is not about obtaining the scorecard but about the challenage of trying to obtain it.

"However" I said to him I get a lot more than a scorecard I get a lesson in History and also Geography and last but not least making new friends all over the world, he asked me if I could give him an example and what follows is the story in not as many words.

In Quebec City, Canada, The Laval-Sue Le-Lac golf club was founded in 1917 designed by Albert Murry & Patially by Willie Park Jr who was at that time a well renowned Scottish Architect, it is the Oldest & first all French speaking golf club and also privately owned Golf Club in Canada.

Starting off in 1917 as a 9 hole  golf course, until 20 years later in 2027 the course was extended to 18 holes, another 40 years would pass before the course was once again extend another 9 holes by renowned golf course designer Howard Watson in 1967.

This uniquely French speaking golf club has hosted many major golf events and tournaments including "The Canada Cup" ( Which was the Prelude to the World Cup ) in 1992 it held The Canadian Open,

Many international personalities have visited the unique course including The Prince of Wales, His Eminence Cardial Paul-Emile Leger, and several Premiers of both Quebec & Canada.

I would like to thank a very nice French Canadian gentleman by the name of Mr Claude Gravel,a  Quebec Correspondent who kindly gave a a scorecard from this beautiful golf course as well of much of it's history.

My friend who I told this true story to just said WOW all that from just 1 golf club scorecard.

Happy Golfing Everyone and "Merci" Claude .

Scottish Bob
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