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#1 Posted : Wednesday, January 2, 2019 9:59:46 AM
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Dear TSGers,

Just in case there is still some of you that have not seen the new rules that came in to effect yesterday, here's a quick summary...

  • Time to locate lost ball reduced from five minutes to three
  • When taking a penalty drop, players will now drop the ball from knee height
  • There will be no penalty for a double hit
  • Players can remove loose impediments from bunkers and other hazards, without penalty
  • There will be no penalty if a golfer accidentally brushes the sand on his backswing in a bunker
  • Ready golf will be encouragedGolfers may leave the flag in the hole while putting on the green — if the ball hits it there will be no penalty
  • Repairing spike marks will now be permitted
  • If a golfer hits a shot out of bounds or loses the ball - and if the club makes a local rule allowing it - he or she can choose to go the spot in line with where the ball left the course and drop it on the closest part of the fairway under a two-shot penalty. So no more must the golfer play 'three off the tee'
  • You can now play with a club that has become damaged. If you caused the damage, however, you can't replace the club with a new one

Happy New Year Everyone!

Ian & The TSG Team
#2 Posted : Friday, January 4, 2019 12:55:47 PM
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And just to throw a spoke in the wheels of speeding the game up, CONGU have said any sanctioned game, ie. Medals, club comps, etc - CANNOT use stroke and distance rule!

Understandable on an Open event or, definitely a Pro event, but we are all amateurs. Beggars belief! 


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