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Golf Forums - Do We Think TSG Should outlaw some courses from the Leaderboard ???

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Do We Think TSG Should outlaw some courses from the Leaderboard ??? Options
#41 Posted : Saturday, January 14, 2012 6:44:10 PM
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I think the 'I's have it!

Firstly, a big thank you to Chris E for posting this thread, I think the first thing we can take from this is that there is good number of you, that care about how the site is run, which is shown by the number of postings here on this topic, its great to see so many varying views and not just from the few, we are after all a democracy (we'll almost!).

My initial response, is as both Chris E and Dave A point out, The Social Golfer is NOT like the 'Bricks and Mortar' clubs, where there is constant sniping about scoring and handicaps that causes ill feeling and resentment (if we were, there would be a committee room and a Handicap secretary!). On the contrary, its that kind of out dated approach that leads us to have a site like TSG in the first place.

Like we have said previously many times, we are here to promote the positive side of the game, provide you with a platform to get together with like minded people, share some harmless banter and have a good time enjoying the game we love. Which is why we here at TSG HQ have always been quick to congratulate ANYONE that scores well, regardless of their handicap, their location OR the level of the courses they play, which leads us to the point in question....

Clearly, Epping GC (although it is not on its own here) has a case to answer, especially when you see the number of members scoring a high number of Stapleford points recently but as John B originally states and Colin S echoes, this is a case for the CONGU/EGU NOT TSG! The reason for such anomalies and high Stapleford scores on the TSG leaderboard is not with the player or their handicap or with the differential against the SSS. but as Alan H puts it, with the length/Par of the course and of this we have no control. However, as David J says "You put your score in accordingly and you will be cut and eventually you will receive the correct handicap wherever you play". Hence why we have spent so much development time (and money!) on making sure the TSG Handicap system works as well as it does.

Furthermore, as John A states, Epping GC is NOT dominating the monthly leaderboard every month, it has only produced ONE winner in the last twelve months, certainly since we introduced the 'White Polo Shirt' as a reward for good play and to add some healthy, good natured competition to the site. N.B. This is something I fund from my own pocket and am happy to do so!

As for Mark T, Adam P and Jack S's suggestions (very impressive though they ALL were!), I do not think these are workable, as they would be both difficult explain to those new to the game (my head is hurting already), costly to implement and would penalise those that work full time and dont always get the chance to play every week. I believe that a preferred system like they have in the US, where courses have a slope rating would help but I suspect it will be a long time before the EGU get around to this, they are more interested in whether our shorts and socks are the right length! (Oops, I allowed my personal opinions to creep in there!)

So what is the solution? Well unless the CONGU/EGU review their course ratings, there isnt one BUT we would like to ensure that the TSG system is fair for all and whilst Jack S is correct in saying that we do monitor the scores before awarding the prize, we have decided that the system doesn't currently reward the more established members on the site. As such, as John A hinted at, from the 1st January 2012, members will now be required to enter in 10 SCORECARDS to the system before you are considered for the monthly league table. New members joining will still see their handicap tracked on their own TSG profile page straight away but they will ONLY be eligible for winning the coveted "White Polo Shirt' on their tenth card. The usual three card rule will remain for TSG events and tournaments.

So there you have it guys, the verdict is NOT to ban Epping GC (or any other course) from the leaderboard, a level playing field for the more established handicappers and an incentive for the new members to enter their cards in order to be considered for the 'Good Natured' banter associated with being the TSG 'Player of the Month!

As for the question regarding why do Low Handicappers want to play off 3/4 handicaps when playing High Handicappers (Darren B) I suggest you start another thread on this one! :-)

Happy Golfing!

#42 Posted : Saturday, January 14, 2012 6:49:31 PM
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Didn't think i was going to get a mention
#43 Posted : Saturday, January 14, 2012 8:21:51 PM
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 DARREN BIGMORE, DARREN BIGMORE, you have been mentioned now Ha!Ha!
#44 Posted : Saturday, January 14, 2012 9:28:05 PM
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Jack Shelton wrote:
 DARREN BIGMORE, DARREN BIGMORE, you have been mentioned now Ha!Ha!

Thanks Jack
#45 Posted : Sunday, January 15, 2012 1:05:49 PM
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 Thanks TSG, I think that is a very considered response, and all those who feel strongly about the leaderboard should be happy with your ruling. It is only a bit of fun after all, but to see your name in lights is good for the golfing ego. I look forward to one day winning the coveted white jersey, but I'm not holding my breath, even though I'm due a good one.......!  Happy golfing everyone, and I look forward to playing with many more like minded chaps in 2012. I have enjoyed every one of the games played so far through the TSG, and that's because of it's members. 
#46 Posted : Sunday, January 15, 2012 1:31:52 PM
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K.I.S.S  Or "Less is More"

Well done Ian
#47 Posted : Thursday, August 16, 2012 8:07:41 AM
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 Well i am very much behind the times but what a great read. A shamre the fourm is not full of topics like this.

Just to add,

The so called "easy course" can work both ways IMO. I had a year off playing, so to get my swing back i went to Cranham Golf Course. Within 2 weeks my scores were low 80's and as a result my handicap dropped from 20 to 18 very fast. Now that was fine for cranham but as soon as i went to another course i had little chance of a good stableford score....

On a plus side, it did make me use my head and play better golf and have since took a cut to 15 without visiting cranham.

#48 Posted : Saturday, September 22, 2012 8:53:35 PM
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Speaking as someone who led this month's leaderboard, I did actually feel quite guilty about doing so as I was playing a course that pretty much plays as easy as it gets. I sprayed the ball about all over the place from the tee on the front 9, but still had straightforward shots to the green. Fortunately someone has gone lower than me now though, so I can rest easy :)

I am not sure what the long term answer is, but I agree that banning certain courses isn't the way to go.
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