Open Invite Game @ Sunbury Golf Centre

Sun 24 May 2020 12:11
Open Invite
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Places: 2
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Going: 2
About £25 see cost details
You can't join this game as it is now history!
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Cost & Details

About £25


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Who fancies a game at Sunbury Golf Centre on Sun 24 May? If so add yourself to the list so that I know who's definitely coming and I'll book the tee times.

Confirmed Attendees

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Comments, notes & tips

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24 May 2020, 01:18

Hello Mark.
Benjamin was on the standby list but has since disappeared.
So yes , I guess there is a slot available still

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Handicap: 21
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23 May 2020, 22:30

Hi John - is someone joining you or is the slot still free

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Handicap: 15
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21 May 2020, 14:34

Benjamin John. Noirin as injured her back and has withdrawn from the game so hopefully I'll see you Sunday

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Handicap: 24
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18 May 2020, 20:24

How’s the course looking John? Looking forward to seeing you!

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