Open Invite Game @ Pine Ridge Golf Centre

Wed 05 August 2020 9.36
Open Invite
Handicap: 36
Places: 4
Spaces: 2
Going: 2
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Free for crown golf £24


Handicap: 19
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Aug, 2016
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Who fancies a game at Pine Ridge Golf Centre on Wed 05 August? If so add yourself to the list so that I know who's definitely coming and I'll book the tee times.

Confirmed Attendees

Handicap: 19
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Handicap: 20
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Comments, notes & tips

Handicap: 19
Pro Member
04 Aug 2020, 21:49

No problem Paul, we will try not to hold u up on the course😀

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Handicap: 24
Pro Member
04 Aug 2020, 21:15

Sorry guys, I was standby on Pete’s game as his tee time suited better due to having to drop my daughter of in the morning...nothing personal:)

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Handicap: 22
Pro Member
28 Jul 2020, 08:49

Sorry John. Promised myself to Pikey Pete for 9.44 - even though he did steel one of my team last time out!!!

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Handicap: 18
Pro Member
28 Jul 2020, 05:20

Allen you are still down on my standby list could you take your name off if you are now playing with Hollywood John.

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Handicap: 19
Pro Member
27 Jul 2020, 20:09

Hi Allen, we all started as high handicappers, you are welcome

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Handicap: 28
Pro Member
27 Jul 2020, 18:39

Do you accept high handicap players ?

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