Open Invite Game @ Redbourn Golf Club taking place on Friday, April 9th 2021.

Fri 09 April 2021 14.04
Open Invite
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Who fancies a game at Redbourn Golf Club on Friday, April 9th 2021? If so add yourself to the list so that I know who's definitely coming. 

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Comments, notes & tips

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27 Mar 2021, 17:16

Just a word about the course:

9th hole is for shortened as we are STILL having water run off the field across the road and flooding in front of the green. 13th was almost completely underwater as 'river' broke it's banks and one of the bunkers is GUR.

If they are working on any hole, they may close 1 hole and move it elsewhere(?!?!) I know strange.

But generally the course is supposed to be in pretty good nick!

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26 Mar 2021, 09:50

Of course you are welcome! That's what The Social Golfer is about. Let's hope we have a good day to play.

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26 Mar 2021, 08:58

Good morning John, I'm a new member hope you don't mind me joining you, look forward to meeting you and other members Cheers

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