Open Invite Game @ Pine Ridge Golf Centre

Fri 12 July 2019 1400
Open Invite
Handicap: 36
Places: 4
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Going: 4
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Free for crown golf members £24 for guests


Handicap: 19
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Nov, 2008
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Who fancies a game at Pine Ridge Golf Centre on Fri 12 July? If so add yourself to the list so that I know who's definitely coming and I'll book the tee times.

Confirmed Attendees

Handicap: 19
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Handicap: 18
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Comments, notes & tips

Handicap: 14
Pro Member
08 Jul 2019, 14:02

Miss you too John ??. My mate is playing and will be having a few beers after. Pete speak to the wife and see if you are allowed to have a few

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Handicap: 19
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05 Jul 2019, 04:29


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Handicap: 18
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04 Jul 2019, 19:03

Peter, whose this Marc geezer, is he he same one as last year, bit of a bandito ??

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