TSG Matchplay 2021 (The Race to Farleigh GC ...)

March 2021

TSG Matchplay 2021 (The Race to Farleigh GC ...)

Welcome to the TSG MatchPlay Championship 2021... In order to secure your place in this year’s event, join this group by Sunday 5th April at Midnight and we will put your name in the hat for the draw. This competition is ONLY open to TSG PRO members and there is only room for 64 golfers and you will require a TSG Handicap to enter(3+ cards). The tournament will be a knock-out style format and you will have one month to complete each match. The first player in each tie has first 'dibs' on the venue BUT it is paramount that you offer to meet your opponent as close to halfway as possible. In short, be sensible! *In this regard, failure to adhere to the 'Spirit of TSG' will result in immediate disqualification from the competition. Games will commence in May. Standard MatchPlay rules will apply but MUST be agreed upon by both players before the match begins (more info to be published at the start of the competition). Those failing to complete their games will have their matches decided by the toss of a coin. It's free to enter and will culminate in a Grand Final in October. This year will again see a third-place play-off. Finalists will play for free and others wishing to come along for a 'social' day in order to watch the winner 'crowned' will be able to do so at 'Members' rates (£25pp). Current TSG MatchPlay Champion 2020 – Tony Moss(H'cap 9).

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