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TheSocialGolfer.com is the fast growing internet golf community run and managed by people who are genuinely passionate about golf! Not simply another one of the all too common golf oriented "social networking" sites - TheSocialGolfer.com is a 'Real' social network, where you actually leave your PC and get out and meet people and of course, play more golf!

Originally conceived by a team of web developers based in the Kent, UK in 2007, the site was subsequently taken over by Essex based golfer and TSG member Ian Mullins, in August 2010...

"We believe that golfers should be able to play anywhere in the world, at anytime, regardless of whether they belong to a golf club or not! Our mission over the coming weeks, months and years is to grow TheSocialGolfer into a truly global internet golf club, accessible and affordable by all lovers of the game.

The site is designed to be fun, engaging, easy to navigate, informal and free from stuffy old fashioned outdated attitudes, whilst at the same time, always respectful of the rules of the game and the spirit in which it should be played!

We see the site as 'your' site and as such, welcome all feedback (good and bad) and are always open to suggestions on how the site can be improved and on how the community can be grown. So take a look, we hope you enjoy the site much as we do!"

Ian Mullins


Ian started his career in the advertising and marketing industry back in 1988 and has worked with some of the world's top brands. Ian was responsible for the Emirates Airline advertising for over 8 years and took his first steps into digital content as early as 2001.

However, his second passion, golf, led him to create TheSocialGolfer.com in 2010. He takes great pleasure in 'Bringing golfers together' for the good of the game. He is also incredibly passionate about equality and diversity in the game.

Mark Crane

TSG Event Director

Otherwise known as 'Marky Mark', he joined TSG back in 2012. As well as winning the TSG Matchplay Trophy in 2013, Mark was the inspiration behind one of TSG's best-loved events - The TSG Par 3 Championship.

A veteran golf day organiser, Mark has raised more the £20K for local Kent charities and organised more than thirty celebrity golf events. Mark is one of the most likeable characters on TSG and has been a superb ambassador for the site in his eight years as a member.

Paul Houghton

TSG Handicap Secretary

Paul has been a dedicated member of TSG since 2014. He has represented his country in disability golf events twelve times and has played in EDGA European Opens. He is passionate about both equality for all and believes in a level playing field on which all golfers can compete.

Paul was responsible for the introduction of the new Exceptional Play Cut in January 2020 and is a keen follower of all golf's rule changes (good and bad). Oh, and on a personal note, you couldn't meet a nicer, friendlier golfer! Just don't get him talking about 'ball' fitting, you'll be there for hours.

Damian Benstead

Golf Industry Advisor

Damian has been connected to TSG since 2011 when turned up at the London Golf Show offices, where he was Managing Director at the time, and announced we were going to 'build a new kind of golf club' and that he should be involved. Nine years on, Damian has not only become a superb champion of the community but a real supporter of the platform.

Now working at Tech Crunch, Damian has his finger on all the latest tech developments and has been a superb 'Devils' advocate' regarding page redesigns and user experience feedback. Damian finally got his hands on a TSG Major trophy in 2019 winning the TSG OPEN Championship - at last! He is also both a gentleman and a real lover of the game!

Adam Croot

Head of Development

Adam joined the TSG team in 2018 and quickly become a much-valued asset. In fact, without him, the site just wouldn't work at all. A big advocate of test, test and test again, Adam has brought some real analysis and interrogation to both our site stats and page layouts and is constantly reviewing our staus with Google and other browsers.

In addition, despite having never played the sport (except for one legendary night when at Puttshack, when he managed a hole-in-one after 4 pints of larger) he has quickly learnt some of the nuances and terminology of the game. Rest assured, he will have plenty of opportunities to play the game in the year to come! svrz.com

Lalita Jones

WordPress Developer

Lalita is a senior-level web programmer with experience in developing, designing, and managing information using WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Core PHP, CSS, Database Management and JavaScript.

Lalita has been part of the TSG Team since Feb 2018. She is responsible for TSG Blog pages on a day to day basis and rebuilt the site in 2020. She has never played golf, However, she has proved to be a vital part of the TSG Team and is always smiling.

Jan Lewis

Design Consultant

Jan has worked closely with Ian and Adam over the last few years to improve the overall look and feel of the site. She is a firm believer in driving consistency and is a superb soundboard for them both when making design decisions and layouts.

Like Adam, her only experience of golf to date, involved a night at Puttshack, where she discovered she had a real knack for Putting - after a number of Vodka shots that is! janlewiscreative.com

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