About Us

TheSocialGolfer.com is the fast growing internet golf community run and managed by people who are genuinely passionate about golf! Not simply another one of the all too common golf oriented "social networking" sites - TheSocialGolfer.com is a 'Real' social network, where you actually leave your PC and get out and meet people and of course, play more golf!

Originally conceived by a team of web developers based in the Kent, UK in 2007, the site was subsequently taken over by Essex based golfer and TSG member Ian Mullins, in August 2010...

"We believe that golfers should be able to play anywhere in the world, at anytime, regardless of whether they belong to a golf club or not! Our mission over the coming weeks, months and years is to grow TheSocialGolfer into a truly global internet golf club, accessible and affordable by all lovers of the game.

The site is designed to be fun, engaging, easy to navigate, informal and free from stuffy old fashioned outdated attitudes, whilst at the same time, always respectful of the rules of the game and the spirit in which it should be played!

We see the site as 'your' site and as such, welcome all feedback (good and bad) and are always open to suggestions on how the site can be improved and on how the community can be grown. So take a look, we hope you enjoy the site much as we do!"

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Ian Mullins

Ian & The TSG Team

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