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Braeval, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire, FK83UY, United Kingdom
01877 382493

The views from the course are breathtaking. From Ben Lomond in the west, down the upper valley of the River Forth to the bulwark of Stirling Castle, the scenery is magnificent.The course itself is quite short, but requires a wide variety of imagination and shotmaking. It is ideal for both high and low handicap players and is an ideal country location for group outings

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3.9 / 5

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Great Course

This course is very challenging for all handicapers & is well maintaned

The course of the Yellow tee's is beatable.
1st - if your a big hitter you can drive the green.
2nd - is a long hole but the fairway runs on a slope from left to right and if you get a big kick on the fairway from your drive you could end up out of bounds on the right.
3rd - is a good hole to play but if you over cook your approach shot to the green and land on the back at the right hand side you are rolling of the green.
4th - is a challenging hole. The green is elavated on a platform with hevay rough surrounding.
5th - Par 3 is rated as the 2nd hardest on the course but can be easily birdied if you get a good connection off the tee.
6th - Par 3 is fairly easy looking but don't be fooled the green is like an upturned saucer! If you land centre you will be fine but anywere else your ball will just roll off!
7th - is a dog leg to the left, this par 4 can be reached in 1 if you have the nerve to go blind over the tree's baring in mind that the burn is on the left.
8th - Par 3 has a great big green to play with but has a massive overhanging tree to the right restricting part of the green
9th - Is the driver's hole!
10th - Par 3 look's very easy but look's can be deceeving! This is a card wrecker! The burn is to the right and also cut's across the front of the tee and there is forestry to the right! Good Luck!
11th - could also wreck your card as the tee mat is in the middle of heavy rough with over hanging tree's to the right, as long as you can hit straight down the middle you will be fine!
12th - is a hard Par 3. The green is hard to stay on and the hole is mostly rough with a small part of fairway just before the green.
13th - Par 3 is fairly straight forward.
14th - Stroke Index 1! Say's it all really! Blind Drive with forestry to the left and heavy rough far right Green can be reached in 2 although your second shot is still blind as you can't see the green.
15th - no matter what you do your ball will kick right into the rough as the fair way slopes left to right.
16th - dog leg to the left, a good drive here sets you up for a nice wee chip onto the green. Don't be fooled by the nice flat looking green. If your approach shot has pace on it it will carry straight through probably into the bunker at the back
17th - If you are a big hitter you could drive straight threw the gap on the left hand side and have an easy approach shot. If you ain't a big hitter your second shot is blind! But don't over cook it.
18th - Is the second driving hole for the big creamer's! Green is almost reachable in one for the huge hitter's(i personally can reach just past the bunkers)

The facilities are great for the area. You have the Male & Female Changing room's with shower's. There is also a bar/restaraunt. Take note the food is DELICIOUS! You can order your grub before you play your round and it will be ready when you are finished!

Hope use enjoy the experience of Aberfoyle.
Date Wednesday, 08, July 2009