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Welcome to The Social Golfer Games Page Calendar....

This is the main focus of the website and a place where you can find all the Golf Events and Golf Competitions listed by your fellow TSGers and the TSG Team. Having decided where you want to play your next Golf Event or Golf Competition (See above 'Post a Game' Button), this is where you can select your dates, times, preferred format etc.

When posting a new game on the TSG Game Page, there are a number of different options to choose.

OPEN INVITE - Any TSG PRO member can join the game

FRIENDS ONLY - Game organised by a TSG member which only people on their Friends List or in the Group/Society they run, are allowed to join

GOLF EVENT - Formal Golf Events and Golf Competitions being promoted to TSG members but is hosted and organised by a third party e.g. a charity golf day or golf club open competition or the TSG Team

If you are looking to join already listed Golf Events or Golf Competitions your can self-select your game criteria by using the filtering buttons above including location and distance from your home and/or select the day(s) you would like to play.


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