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#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 6, 2014 11:23:34 AM
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I am looking to purchase a 36 hole lithium battery trolley.

Where should I buy looking? Who has done someone out there a good level of service previously?

I personally quite like the look of the M3 with all of its gadgets and stuff but do others just consider it to be something else to go wrong?

All help gratefully appreciated!

#2 Posted : Wednesday, August 6, 2014 6:35:41 PM
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Grove Park

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Hi Matt,

Went through the same dilema 6 months ago. Didnt know what to go for Motocaddy or Powacaddy.

I went for the M3 Pro (Lead Battery) and can say it is very good.

The main reason i got the M3 pro was becuase of the compact size when folded.  It fits in the boot with the clubs no problem. The Lead battery is heavy but couldnt justify the extra dough for the lithium battery. Thats on my want list!

I love a gadget so went for the M3 rather than the M1.
The Auto distance controll is fun but could live without it. The pin lock is useful.
All the measurment features are abit over the top and i dont really look at them if im honest. I guess i should make more of a effort.

With regards to price, youll be hard to find any decent deals on these. You might get something thrown in with it (scroecard Holder/Umbrella Holder/Carry case) but getting money off, you'll be lucky.

So its £599.99 for the 18 Hole Lithium at American Golf. It is a lot for a golf kart but it will last a long time and it is better than carrying or even pushing/pulling a trolley about.

Hope that helps.

#3 Posted : Wednesday, August 6, 2014 10:09:02 PM
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Hi Matt, I have been the proud owner of a Motor Caddy for the last 2 years, S Pro 1 model, with an 18 hole Lithium battery (very expensive indeed... the same price as my very 1st car, Triumph Herald Convertible !!!!!!!!). What a great investment ! Light weight, charges in less than 4 hours, 5 years warranty. Does 18 holes and more, it all depends on the terrain etc..... and whether you use the USB plug in etc... I am not sure how many kilometres I have travelled in the last 2 years, played golf on lots of very hilly courses, in all sort of weather,and never had a problem, so am very happy with my purchase and I can recommend Motor Caddy, and Lithium battery if you can afford it. Happy golfing Brigitte
#4 Posted : Thursday, August 7, 2014 6:38:50 AM
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Jon, Brigitte,

Thank you so much for the reviews,

I went on golf direct and have seen the powercaddy I think I want!

Also, as a footnote you can pay over 12 or 6 months! So will probably do that and work a couple of overtime shifts a month to cover the cost.

Thanks agian,


P.S. Brigitte, That was my dads first car aswell!

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