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#1 Posted : Friday, July 28, 2017 2:03:42 AM
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As I was standing by ready to tee-off on my round of golf I took the time to think back to over 400 years ago, to when those few brave Scottish gentlemen who started our modern game of golf, and I wondered could they ever have forseen or imagined just where it would take their friendly game of golf.

From playing on early golf links which were rough grassy areas usualy unfit for farming or housing, and using their wooden golf clubs and wee feathery balls, unlike today with golfers having golf clubs of every discription in their handsome golf bags, or buggys and using golf balls that can travel distances they could only have dreamed of.

Imagine if they could play on some of the worlds illustrious and prestigious golf courses with their manicured fairways and velvet like greens, like St Andrews, Royal Blackheath, Augusta, Royal Melbourne, and so many more, I wonder what they would think of golf being played high in the mountains like La Paz in Bolivia, and Snow Dragon in China. or places so hot like Death Valley in America or Alice Springs in Australia.

I can visulise those early Scottish golfers maybe on a cold frosty morning and just maybe catching a glimpse of a hare or fox scampering away in to the bush, what would they think of some of the wildlife that is encountered on some of todays courses, for example crocodiles at the famous Lost City G.C., Hippos at the Hans Merskey.G.Resort, Kangaroos and even snakes in some of Australian courses, Bears in Canada & America and we could go on.

However their legacy does not end there, there is the manafacture of all the golfing equipment that is used just about every day of the year, from the golfing apparel that we wear shoes, hats, clothes,etc, to the machinery that is used to keep the courses in great condition, to the employment of all the great staff of the golf clubs atround the world who keep the golf clubs running.

The Golfing Professionals and teachers who try and  teach us all how to play, the golf courses designers and architects who design these great courses, the golf tour operators and travel agents who take us there, the golf writers and journalists who write about the great courses and players and competitions that are played around the world.

We could go on forever, but we must mention all the great Golfing Societies of the world who bring us all together either for just a friendly get together or a round of golf.

So next time you are at the 19th hole or in your clubhouse have a quiet  drink  please raise your glass to the memory of those early Scottish Golfers who have brought us all so much joy.

Scottish Bob

#2 Posted : Friday, July 28, 2017 12:29:06 PM
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 The TSG is the very "GOLF CLUB" that brings us together !!!!!!!

Am sure that 400 years ago, it would have been welcome .......

#3 Posted : Saturday, July 29, 2017 5:23:36 AM
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 Yes Brigitte.

I am sure that you are right the that great and bringing golf communities together is what it is all about, golf being played good or bad, making new friends, and trying to enjoy life

It is amazing just how many countries around the world have the very thing we are talking about, and most of them are run by people just like ourselves and of course most important volunteers for without them a lot of socities would not survive.

Happy Golfing.

Scottish Bob. 
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