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Rowley Green Road, N/A, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 3HL, United Kingdom
020 8449 0394

The course was designed by James Braid, five times Open Champion. It is constantly maintained and improved which ensures that the course plays well throughout the year including the winter months. No temporary greens or teeing mats are ever used at Arkley. With nine holes but 18 tees the course is rated "among the best In Hertfordshire and a good test for players of all standards".

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3.1 / 5

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Course Tee Holes Par Rating Slope
Arkley Golf Club Yellow 18 69 68.8 124
Arkley Golf Club Red 18 72 70.2 119

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Quality of Course
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Fantastic....Update since Getgolfing took over

So much improvements & changes since Getgolfing took over Arkley GC a few years ago.
I returned to Arkley to play my TSG Matchplay against David W., about equidistance from Turvey and Twickenham/actually Brentwood on the day.

The Clubhouse is unrecognisable, transformation from a sort of a hut to a large extended building housing a light, airy, modern Players lounge, a new meeting room, offices, large bifold doors opening onto a new terrace & outdoor seating, new Ladies changing rooms & toilets, all done with great taste. Getgolfing certainly delivers.

The course was well presented despite the very dry Summer, Greens were fantastic & my Putts were certainly sinking in, recent Putting lessons did help, I want to be known as the next "Cameron Smith" on TSG, with flair, fearless & trust....Ah, ah, ah. I am sure some TSGers are laughing.

The fairways were being watered as we played, the bunkers were well provided with medium sand grade, my 80 yards Sand shot from the 6th or 8th hole (?) is to be remembered, it landed 2 feet from the Pin, I think David was in awe.

I love the 7th Par 3, very pleasing to the eye but my favourite hole has to be the 9th/18th that was described in my previous review of March 2015 as follows:

"The 9th/18th (Walk on Water/Over and Out) Par 3 is quirky, 150 yards +, a blind Tee shot from an elevated tee with an observation tower, to a well guarded green with 5 bunkers, some very large, all on a lower level, normally plays into the breeze, apparently "many a Match is won or lost here"."

Today (13.7.2022) I discovered why the name Walk on Water, as the hole is build over a large water reservoir (Affinity's), a steep hill or numerous steps take you there, a totally different look from the rest of the course as this Par 3 is left unwatered, grass totally burnt by the sun, Tee box suffering a little from the dry weather but being cared for, one thinks you are in a film set in a desert!!!!!!! Love the hole, there are different air vents & numbered posts spaced at the end of the "fairway", before the big drop the the blind Green.
should you get a Hole in One, you wont be able to see it unless you are tall and standing in the Watchtower. Very memorable hole. A large bell needs to be rung once the hole is finished.

Large car park x 2.

Practice facilities, I believe an open air Driving range. Putting Green by the 1st Tee.

Easy access from M25 J23 via pleasant country roads.

This course is a 9 holes been played as an 18 from totally different Tees, some with 100 yards difference !

New signs at the entrance and flowers beds make a very attractive golf club.

A little gem (James Braid design) certainly recommended. I believe David W. will book his next Society game at Arkley, i hope I get an invite!!!

(The above are my personal views & recollection of Arkley GC, now known as ARKLEY 9)
Date Friday, 22, July 2022
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Quality of Course
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Value for Money

Ditto!! (read the others)

I can only agree with the good points laid out by others below - quirky, but worthwhile to visit.

I can only add, that this is no longer a 'members club' as they were on the verge of closing - losing money hand over fist. It is now part of the Get Golfing group and they are spending money on it. Try the restaurant out, but not on a Monday!

VFM - I was playing a club match, so prices were not on my list.
Date Monday, 13, June 2022
Quality of Course
Practice Facilities
Value for Money

Very enjoyable well maintained course

Arkley golf course is a very enjoyable 9 hole course with double tees at each hole. It plays longer than one assumes a 9 hole course would play and as a four ball we completed our round in just under 4 hours. Each one of the 4 ball enjoyed it and not a single complaint.
Date Friday, 21, October 2016
Quality of Course
Practice Facilities
Value for Money

A little gem, 9 holes-18 tees with a quirky Par 3 to finish..

It is not he the 1st time I play such a combination but I must say it is one of the best. Perhaps it is due to the great names that designed, modified, updated the course: James Braid, Harry Vardon, Hawtree & Taylor. Arkley GC was born in 1909, during the 2nd WW the land was ploughed up for sheep grazing but the course survived somehow.

A well established parkland with native trees, some slopes, lots of well designed bunkers and greens with interesting shapes but unfortunately today(Monday 16 Feb 2015) they were very spongy apart from the 5th/14th and 9th/18th. There is rural feel about the place as not a lot of built up area but vast expanse of fields.

There was some big work going on, clearing, creating a new Tee at the 5th/14th, so it was muddy in places. Our group was the last out and we got quite wet finishing our game.

Playing the second 9, with tees set far back gives you a totally different perspective. Some Par 3 become 4, Par 4 become 5 etc... And it wont be a problem starting at the 1st/10th even on a busy day as one takes it in turn, and the tee times are set to allow for the flow of play. Although one plays the same greens twice, the course itself is like a full 18 holes just over 6000 yards with white and red tees only. Today the white were very much forward, so the course was much shorter for the Men.

Must recall my fantastic Par at the 15th/Par 4 (Roller Coaster/County Heights)), when I outdrove the 3 men in my group, a terrific 2nd and 3rd shot and a putt.....

The 9th/18th (Walk on Water/Over and OUt) Par 3 is quirky, 150 yards +, a blind Tee shot from an elevated tee with an observation tower, to a well guarded green with 5 bunkers,some very large, all on a lower level, normally plays into the breeze, apparently "many a Match is won or lost here".

Arkley GC is not too far from the M25, J23, with some country lanes, leading to a adequate car park. The Clubhouse is cosy. On Mondays, the Kitchen nor the Bar are opened but there is machine that dispenses Tea/freshly ground coffee for £1 and some cold drinks too. That is probably why we only paid £15. So there was no breakfast available, someone mentioned that Glynis H's sandwiches would have been very welcome !

We had some new TSG members today and I believe they appreciated the concept of TSG as they seem to have booked further games since. Always nice to meet new golfers.

Arkley GC is sadly famous: this is where the racing driver Graham Hill got killed in 1975 when he crashed his plane in thick freezing flog, killing all 6 occupants. There is a commemorative plaque by the 2nd/11th tee.

There is very large putting green, a practice area too for the short game.

Small Proshop with a warm welcome. Members seem friendly too and didnt mind Visitors.

A course I would like to play again when the trees have their leaves and when the weather is warmer.

THE END.....
Date Tuesday, 10, March 2015
Quality of Course
Practice Facilities
Value for Money

Quirky - but well worth the visit

Here's an interesting course - ostensibly a 9 hole course with double tees to make in into an 18 hole extravaganza. At the time of playing - there was evidence of ongoing repair work which encroached on just a couple of the holes. Funnily enough this type of layout works well to maximise the use of some limited terrain. This worked well for a Monday - when there weren't many others around... BUT I could see it becoming a bit of a problem if the course was full with people vying for the same holes from their respective different tees.

Still, this is a course where spotting your ball was less of a problem than many other courses, and there are some feature holes.. Greens were well kept and whilst the ground was soggy and boggy - (and it rained during the latter part of the round).. this was a course where good scores are possible.

Recommendations are to steer clear of the bunkers.

OK - getting there is straightforward, signs are clear but watch out for the semi-hidden entrance.. car parking isn't excessive but just enough. Not a lot of catering available on the Monday played, and that seems to be a trend in the area.

Staff - the few that were around were most welcoming and did what they could to make it good.

It would be nice to play this again, although not in the rain and after the course has had time to dry out, with the renovations works complete.

Good mature parkland - very reasonable rates and methinks scope for more deals to be had.

I enjoyed the course - and had a reasonable round..
Date Thursday, 26, February 2015
Quality of Course
Practice Facilities
Value for Money

Monday's £15

This is only a nine hole courses but with 18 tees but don't let that put you off.the course was in good condition for the time of year with fairways well grassed and greens running true.On Mondays they have a deal at £15 but beware no food is available(there is a coffee machine)All in all worth a visit.

Date Monday, 16, February 2015