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29 May 2014, 19:52

Dear TSGers (forget to update this page!)

The first TSG event of the season took place on Saturday at Warley Park and was attended by 40 of you from all over the South East and from as far away as Lancashire! We'll be posting a full report and images in this month's TSG Monthly Newsletter but in the meantime, the results:

Winner and TSG Masters Champion - Matt Taylor (12 h'cap) - 38 Pts

Second Place - Andy Flynn (12 h'cap) - 37 pts

Third Place - Damian Benstead (21 h'cap) - 34 Pts (on count-back)

Nearest Pin - Andy Attard (22 h'cap)

Nearest Pin 2nd shot - Dave Allchorne (14 h'cap)

Straight Drive (Or nearest the cord!!) - Judy Lilley (24 h'cap)

Par 3 Champion - Ben Fykin (16 H'cap)

Congratulations to all the winners and to Warley Park GC, who looked after us superbly.

And of course to Alan Haywood for being an all round decent chap for marshalling and lending his labour (just don't mention the length of the cord!)

Til next year.... Happy Golfing!

Ian & The TSG Team

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15 Apr 2014, 15:09

Thanks. I'm in. You watch I'll probably play terrible now.

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15 Apr 2014, 11:30

There's two spots left Michael... jump in quick! :-)

-- 15/04/2014 11:30:50: comment edited by TheSocialGolfer.

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14 Apr 2014, 15:38

Is there likely to be a fourth chance?

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08 Apr 2014, 18:44

Hi Michael,

We did the 2nd draw yesterday and are requesting by those concerned by Friday. If there are any places left, we will make these available to the remaining names in the group over the weekend.

Rest assured, I am confident we will be able to accommodate everyone that signed up to the group in due course.


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08 Apr 2014, 13:31

When will the second chance results be put up?

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06 Apr 2014, 20:48

a second bite of the cherry ?

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04 Apr 2014, 12:48

Hi All,

A quick reminder, if you have qualified for this event or your name was drawn from the ballot and you still wish to play in this event, you MUST sign up to the game by end of play - 5th April - TOMORROW!

As of right now ONLY 19 of the 40 places have been taken, we have plenty of people on standby to take your place - TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT, please confirm your place NOW.

Kind Regards

Ian & The TSG Team

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02 Apr 2014, 15:18

Dear TSGers,

We didn't have any fancy pots or velvet bags to draw from but the ballot was made under rigorous supervision and now that all the stats have been verified, we can announce the following people are eligible for the inaugural TSG Masters 2014....

Those already qualified via monthly leaderboard win in 2013 (x12):

- Daniel Jayeola
- Chris Sawyer
- Russell Foxwell
- Andy Coultrup
- Bill Nowel
- Steve Maggs
- David Jacobs
- Chris Chandler
- Dave Knight
- Dave Allchorne
- Phil Boyd
- Roger Ireland

Those already qualified via most scorecards entered in 2013 (x5):

- Roger Ireland (already qualified)
- Kamal Lakhani
- Steve Pollock
- David Jacobs (already qualified)
- Brigitte Lockwood
- Dave Allchorne (already qualified)
- Mike Hanley
- Howard Stander (cannot play)
- Roger Marsland (cannot play)
- John Barber

TSG Open Championship winners 2013 (x2):

- Virginja Zlabiene
- Barry Hill

TSG MatchPlay Championship winer 2013 (x0):

- Roger Dickson (cannot play)

In the order drawn from the hat (x18):

- Peter Sheriden
- Carlos Ramos
- Steve Duffy
- Dave Blaney
- Matt Taylor
- Ed MacLatchie
- Terry Ainscough
- Howard Davis
- Martin Stern
- Paul Smith
- Ron Jackman
- Pete Mayo
- Ronan Parkhill
- Matt Sutton
- Tuan Nguyen
- Greg Butler
- Adrian Liew
- Nikeel Patel
Finally, our picks for those that have made an outstanding contribution to TSG over the last twelve months and not already qualified above are (x3)...

John Amos – For his contribution on TSG Golf days and Newsletters

Ian Fykin – For his year round organisation of the Epping Bandits and their Saturday games against SES

Janusz Holender – For his continuous organisation of the Wycombe Heights group games even with a 6 month back injury ruling him out of playing for the first part of the year himself.
If your name is above and you can play on the 3rd May 2014, please CONFIRM you attendance by joining the game listed above.
PLEASE NOTE – If you have not added you name to the game page by Sat 5th April we will assume you can no longer attend and you place will be given to the next name out of the hat.

Apologies to those that didn't make it this time round, however, don't despair, there is still a chance places will become available if some of the above cannot attend.

So, there you have it, what a line-up…
Happy Golfing!

Ian & The TSG Team

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