South East Donkeys

Gary Archer
March 2011

South East Donkeys

Previously known as the South East Swing, our group name was updated based on the standard of play. The DGA Tour is in operation 51 Saturdays per year. We are a welcoming and down to earth bunch. Come and join us if you want to play golf and have a laugh. We play the best / toughest courses we can on a Saturday - primarily in Kent / Sussex / Surrey. Players put £5 into the pot and the stableford winner takes all, but must spend all winnings on beer ...


I used to enjoy providing golf for 16 or so golfers every Saturday, but in the post Covid era most golf clubs do not want nomadic golfers any more, or want to charge silly money. This makes organising in the previous manner too painful. If this ever changes I will organise via TSG again, since we like meeting new players. In the meantime we are still playing every Saturday, but often as smaller groups of 4 or 8. Feel free to join the group though, if you'd like to connect with us.

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1 Andy Attard 758
2 Gary Archer 670
3 Ron Jackman 504
4 Phillip Boyd 285
5 Michael Pitter 267
6 Tony Springall 238
7 David Z 209
8 Des Burnett 203
9 Gary Cartlidge 181
10 Steve Maggs 156

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Daniel the CEO of SES @ Traditions on 02/06/12 - make sure you vote for him at the next AGM?!
Birchwood 12/1/13.  Hey Mister Tuan - you are now a Master.  Show us the money before you buy us all a round.
Birchwood 12/1/13Ian W monkey impression Ian V's leg Andy G Darren's arm Mark T's leg Phil's back Steve H Tuan's head Cap Gary A Gary C posing for photo Paul L Sir Alan's head Mark Y Chris C Russell the lone eagle.Photographer is Lady Chlopas
When you've just had twins you're allowed to wear a jumper like this

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