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03 Apr 2016, 09:04

Morning Golf Fans,

It's a sunny day in Essex (home of the TSG Masters) and the final draw for the remaining two places at this event has been made.

Step forward and complete the line-up....

-David Johnson
-Michael Pitter

Please join the game by Friday 8th April to claim your place!


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28 Mar 2016, 14:58

Dear All,

Following on from the first ballot, there are number of you that can no longer make the event and/or have failed to sign up for the day in time.

As such, we have now made the second draw. If your name is below, please ensure that you have registered your attendance for this competition by Friday 1st April at Midnight.

Note - Failure to register by this date will result in your place being given to someone else.

Revised Ballot Draw...

Alex Ballard
Paul Houghton
Chris Haywood
Steve Diamon
Dave Short
Martyn Miller
Damian Benstead
Jack Shelton
Liam Cummings
Paul Smith
Dave Allchorne
Tuan Nguyen
Carlos Ramos
Martin Haggerty
Matt Sutton
Bernie Fagan

Please Register your attendence here: THE TSG MATERS 2016 - EVENT PAGE

That's all for now folks.

Ian & The TSG Event Team

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23 Mar 2016, 08:56

Hi all,

A quick reminder, if you're name has been drawn below, you MUST register for the day on the game page above by Friday 25th March.

Failure to do so will result in your names going back in the pot.

Many thanks

Ian & The TSG Event Team

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17 Mar 2016, 15:37

Dear TSGers,

Its the moment we've all been waiting for. If your name is below, join the game asap (FAILURE TO REGISTER ON GAME PAGE BY MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY 25th MARCH) will result in your place going back in the pot!

Qual. Leaderboard 2015:

Peter Walton
Brian Cassidy
Michael Channing
Ron Jackman
Les Day
Roger Dickson
Phil Fen
Brigitte Lockwood
Andy Attard
Des Burnett
Ballot (Mark Crane repl.)Jack Shelton
Ballot (Peter Walton repl.)Wayne Fitzgerald

2015 Champions:

Judy Lilley (TSG Open)
Steve Slater (TSG open)
John Barber (TSG MatchPlay)
Brian Scott (TSG Par 3)
Ballot (Masters champ repl.)Kevin Gregory

Most Scorecards:

David Jacobs (93 cards)
Howard Stander (92 cards)
Howard Davis (77 cards)
Denis Conway (72 cards)


Greg Butler(TSG Caption comp)
Anna Guss(Wentworth - Nuff said!)

Ballot Draw:

Pete Mayo
Michael McAlear
Ian Fykin
David Ziai
Steve Rawlinson
Graham Nicol
Russel Foxwell
Lee Adby
Lee Benson
Michael Moos
Paul Thorne
Steve Goss
Ron Woodman

Putting Game Screen Shot