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Howard (The Assassin) Stander's Golf Profile

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Regularly Played Courses  (5)
Rating: 3.2
Crews Hill Golf Club Enfield, London
Member of this club
Rating: 3.1
Blakes Golf Club Epping
Member of this club
Rating: 3.4
Hainault Golf Club Chigwell, Essex
Scheduled Games  (1)
Warley Park
Warley Park Golf Club, Brentwood, Essex, Mon 17 December 2018 10.15
Friends  (45)
Handicap: 23

Handicap: 19
Pro Member

Handicap: 23

Handicap: 9

Handicap: 13
Pro Member

Handicap: 21

Handicap: 26

Handicap: 17
Groups  (14)
Midweek Players London
23 Members
TSG MatchPlay Championship 2015 Surrey National Golf Club
44 Members
Duffy Divot's Golfing Society Around the M25 - Primarily Canons Brook (Harlow, Essex)
41 Members
Recent Golf Course Reviews  (27)
Brentwood Golf Club   Rating: 3.2
Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom
Weald Park
The Hertfordshire Golf Club   Rating: 3.9
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Want to go back
Golf d'Hardelot    Rating: 3.9
Hardelot , Pas de Calais, France
Go if you can
Photos  (1)
Forum Discussions  (5)
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1702 views, 26 replies
Caption Competition....
7516 views, 28 replies
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