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Regularly Played Courses  (1)
Scheduled Games  (2)
Open Invite Game @ Nazeing Golf Club
Nazeing Golf Club, Nazeing, Essex, Wed 25 September 2019 08.40
Friends Only Game @ Toot Hill Golf Club
Toot Hill Golf Club, Chelmsford, Essex, Mon 04 November 2019 10.15am
Friends  (22)
Handicap: 17
Pro Member

Handicap: 18
Pro Member

Handicap: 18
Pro Member

Handicap: 14
Pro Member

Handicap: 13
Pro Member

Handicap: 17
Pro Member

Handicap: 20
Pro Member

Handicap: 24
Pro Member
Groups  (8)
Epping Bandits Epping
133 Members
TSG MatchPlay Championship 2017 AN Other Golf Club (London)
57 Members
TSG MatchPlay 2018 (The Race to Pine Ridge!) Pine Ridge Golf Centre
47 Members
Recent Golf Course Reviews  (12)
Brentwood Golf Club   Rating: 3.2
Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom
new ownership update
The Hertfordshire Golf Club   Rating: 3.9
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
course dosent live up to the clubhouse
Goodwood Golf Club   Rating: 4.1
Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom
bloody hilly
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